Logo Design


Professional Business Logo Design

We can design a unique and professional logo for your company to ensure you stand out from the crowd. That not only has an impact but leaves your customer with the right first impression.




Basic text and/or simple icon graphic

Ideal for people who want a quick logo to go on a t-shirt, business card etc

Up-to 2 Design Concepts

Unlimited Revisions

Free File Formats: Jpeg, PDF, EPS & PNG



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Unique professional logo text and/or graphic

Ideal for businesses who want to create a brand identity with icons, colour pallete etc

Up-to 3 Design Concepts

Unlimited Revisions

Free File Formats: Jpeg, PDF, EPS & PNG


Business Package


Basic logo with 2 concepts

Business Card  Design

Letter Head Design

Compliment Slip Design

Unlimited Revisions

Free File Formats: Jpeg, PDF, EPS & PNG

Save £20!

For specific needs different from above please contact us.

Why us?

Getting a cheap logo design from somewhere else on the internet may at first sound appealing but here at Hussmir Designs by choosing the professional logo package you will be working with a local professional designer that will study your brand, get to know you as a person and tailor something exclusively for you. Communication is much better because you know who you are working with personally. We can give you help and advice with formats and incorporating your logo in all design aspects and come up with ideas to help expand your brand identity.

Steps Involved:

  1. We will discuss what colours you want or already have. (Some guidelines will be provided in respect to colours and fonts) What kind of business/venture you have, your target market, What shapes, imagery and style you would like to go for.
  2. We will work up some ideas and create up to 3 design concepts. We will present these to you the client. It’s usually from that point, we can see a brand developing. You pick one and tell us what needs changing. We will keep on tweaking elements till we get it perfect. One which can be used on signage, printing, websites etc.
  3. Till we have your perfect logo then you can pay and we will send you the final JPEG, PNG and EPS files. Other formats are also available.
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